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         My name is Wil Neururer, the owner operator of Wil Neururer’s North Leech Lake Guide Service. Living 2 miles south of Federal Dam fishing the northern most bay and the east side of the main lake of Leech Lake all of my life I have developed an obsession for fishing. If you look into the archives of the Leech Lake area you will likely see the Neururer name without much digging. The muskie rampage, In 1955 something happened to the muskies that made them go wild, and Neururers Boat Launch was there to take advantage. Boasting one of the most famous pictures from the time was Garry Neururer with a wheel barrow full of muskies along with the biggest fish taken during the rampage.

          Things have changed now, ethics have changed. My service is here to catch fish and use proper

conservation to determine whether we keep or release the fish we catch. My passion is walleye, but I

also fish muskie, bass, crappie, pike and perch. Growing up here I have gotten an opportunity to know

Leech along with the surrounding lakes in the Longville area learning tactics along the way to help round

out my skills as an angler. Willing to fish lakes that you desire, or we can fish a lake I choose. I provide

rods, tackle, fish cleaning and excitement. If you are looking for a fishing experience I am your guy!

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