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Team One Stop Outdoors Walleye Bonanza

MAY 22 ND 2022

       The spring Walleye Bonanza Tournament will be held Sunday May 22 nd 2022 and hosted at Pikedale Resort. Tournament will run from 9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. Please be there with ample time to launch and be ready for take off at 9 a.m.

       This Walleye tournament is not limited to just Leech Lake you may fish where you want. Pikedale Resort is the base of operations; you will be able to launch there if you would like. If you fish any other lake you must follow the time restrictions.

       Since this is a catch photo tournament slot fish can still be recorded and released and counted towards your weight. This is a 25 boat tournament 2 fishers per boat.

       This is a Catch Record tournament; if you feel inclined to keep legal fish you may do so. It is required to get a quality picture with the tournament tag in it and must have the nose of the fish touching the tip of your bump board and the tail must have at least the next legible numerical inch included.

       This tournament will have a 30 percent pay out. The other 70 percent is donated to Alternative Learning Center.

Tournament Rules

  • This is a catch and photo tournament. No measuring at the access! Tournament ID tag (which will be provided at              Pikedale resort on the 22nd) is required in all legal fish pictures 25 boats 2 people per boat

  • This is a 6 walleye tournament

  • Walleyes must be 14 inches and above

  • Fish are measured to the % inch and will round down

  • All boats must be at the base of operations harbor area or parking lot by 3

  • P.M. or they are disqualified

  • 2 people per boat

  • Entry fee is $60 per boat (cash or check non-refundable, due before sign up) If field is full $1050.00                                          (70% ) will be donated to Alternative Learning Center

  • Must wear life jackets above trolling speeds

  • No transporting of live fish during this tournament

  • Sign Up is at The One Stop in Longville

  • 1 st place wins $225

  • 2 nd $150

  • 3 rd $75(if field is full)

  • $1050 to Altercare Learning Center

Following the tournament at


Tournament Tally & Awards; From 3-?


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