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    Kick Raveling’s Bass Tournament will be held on Woman Lake October 10th from 8am to 2pm. This is a catch photo release tournament, both largemouth and smallmouth will be applicable. There are 20 paying participants the 21st is Mark Raveling, the current largemouth bass state record holder and tournament pro.

            This tournament with have a 70 percent pay out. The other 30 percent is donated to Camp Olson YMCA. Top 3 places are in the money, but here is the “kicker”. If Mark Raveling wins, he wins the entire pot 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize money, if he gets 2nd he receives 3rd place prize money as well. All of the money Mark wins from this tournament will be donated to Camp Olson YMCA. If your team places, you may donate any amount or none to Camp Olson YMCA at you own discretion.

            This is a Catch, Record, Release tournament. It is required to get a quality picture with the tournament tag in it and must have the nose of the fish touching the of your bump board and the tail must have at least the next legible numerical inch all included.

  1.  Entry fee is $50 per boat (cash or check, non-refundable, due BEFORE sign-up)

  2.  2 people per boat

  3.  Limited to 20 boats

  4.  No live bait

  5.  Largemouth and smallmouth bass count

  6.  Fish are measured to the ¼ inch and will round down

  7.  12 inch minimum

  8.  6 bass can be combined

  9.  Tournament is 8 am to 2pm

  10.  Must wear life jackets above trolling speeds

  11.  If contestants return later than 2pm to the access they will be disqualified

  12.  Payouts if field is full $300.00 (30%) will go to Camp Olson YMCA, 1st $400.00 (40%), 2nd $200.00 (20%), 3rd 100.00 (10%)

  13.  All of the Woman Lake chain is included

  14.  For more information call The One Stop at (218)-363-2252

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