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Bass are starting to finish up in the spawns. Largemouth will be setting up on the weed line following Bluegill and Crappie.

Morning and Evenings will see a good topwater frog bite in the wild rice fields and Lilly pads.

Smallmouth still have some residual fish on beds with the rest scattering over the main lake basins. Target rock piles and sand in 8 - 12 foot of water using swimbaits and tube jigs.

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 Fishing the east side of Leech this week has been a little tough at times.  We had some very strong winds out of the west and northwest a couple of days this past week.  Wind can be good but when you get strong winds up to 35 MPH it can paint you into a corner.  


The bite has definitely changed to more of a Leech bite.  Fish have been biting over deeper rocks.  Anywhere between 15 and 25 feet.  Rocks on and around Pelican Island are a great place to start.  I pitched jigs tipped with leeches for my best success this past week although a few fish wanted a slip bobber.  I did try pitching minnows with jigs as the clients stuck with leeches just to make sure they wanted to stay on leeches.  When you mark fish and they don't want to bite I like to try everything I can before I leave.  I tried to pitch a half crawler but that didn't seem to work...At least on the fish I found.  Sticking with my favorite and white, patriot and watermelon. 


The Mayflies have not fully come yet but I think it should happen this week.  I have started to notice bugs showing up on my graphs which means the crawler and spinner bite should be hot this next week.   

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Woman Lake is fairly active! Fish are scattered around the tops of the break lines in 8-10 feet of water. Pitching a jig and a minnow/plastic from a distance can get a few of these fish to bite. Break line fish are around also, in 14-17. Dragging jigs or rigging minnows has been best for these deeper fish. On the east side of Leech Lake jig and a minnow has worked well in 6-12 feet of water. Fish are still a little lethargic, but you’ll see distinct bite windows when the wind picks up or the clouds come in. Main lake flats and wind driven points are a good place to start!

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It is that time of year! The water temp is hovering around perfect and the options are endless! Now that the winds have calmed down most of the walleye, we have seen are in the 7 to 10 foot range and moving towards the humps on Leech. We are finding scattered groups near the weed edge and leeches are finally in play. If you are struggling to find them in your usual shallow spot drift off a little closer to the drops around a 12 to 15 foot ledge.  Crappie have been slow as of late to get off the beds on most lakes causing a little bit of a mix crowd with bass and bluegill. Evening bite is still currently the best option while the day bite has been vastly improving. 

Wil Neururer 

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Landings are getting IFFY! Bigger lakes with a lot more action have been getting pretty beat up, little lakes with less traffic should be your way to go for late season bites.  Lakes are still clocking about 20 inches of ice with some pocketing. Almost all the species we've been catching have been suspended roughly 5 feet from the bottom. We found Crappie in the mid 20's hanging around 15 feet, and Perch are closer to the 15-foot mark swimming at about 10 feet. All in all the lakes should still be holding for a little longer in the Northern Territory while the Southern portion of the state gets to enjoy open water boating. When boating watch out for your wake lines, some boats that are fishing shore lines accidentally block buoys and get you in trouble for speed control.

** Remember your Spud Bars and Ice Picks when you go out**

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Keep an eye out for the snowmobiles! Lakes all around the area have a good solid 12 inches of ice, at the very least, with a good layer of 12-inch snow on top of that.  Keep in mind you should be steadily checking thickness as you go. That being said, the sweet spot this week seems to have been between 20 to 25 feet throughout the day. Anyone that plans to go out for some short-day fishing should have good luck during the morning and night bites somewhere between 8 to 15 feet.  Crappies have been going strong through the middle of the day, which is nice while waiting for the Walleye to active again in the evening.

** Remember your Spud Bars and Ice Picks when you go out**

Justin Wethington - One Stop 218-363-2252


With Ice forming nicely on a few of the small lakes in the Woman Lakes area we can finally start fishing! All lakes in the area should be foot traffic only, and don't forget your ice picks for added safety! Some secretive reports have been coming in as to where anglers are catching fish in this early season. Like usual Red Lake Walleye are going crazy trying to stay fat and the Crappie are biting well on all the smaller lakes. 

Silver Lake 6" - 9" 

Three Island Lake 5" - 7"

Boxell Lake 5" - 9"

Mule Lake 3" - 6" (Still has Open Water) 

Boy Lake 6" - 12"

Leech Lake (Through Brevik) 3" - 5" Southern Side of Bear Island

Leech Lake (North Star Resort) 6" - 9" 

Leech Lake (South Shore) 3" - 6"

Red Lake (Rogers Resort) 6" - 9"

** Remember your Spud Bars and Ice Picks when you go out**

We will be updating Ice Reports as we get more information coming in. With the high wind today and tomorrow some lakes will possibly open back up with the Ice sheets moving.

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The Bibs are out! Finally, the Temps we have been looking for! Walleye fishing is in full swing. With relatively clear water, walleye activity is often best in low light time periods, while they are coming into the shallows looking to pack on the weight for winter. Everything from nightcrawlers to red tails are consistently working. Pulling out the crankbaits has also been successful on Northern Winnie. The strip between Government Point and Horseshoe Island is staying active with crawler harnesses and a few deeper cranks as well. Smallmouth have been found in the deeper water kind of scattered, just remember they are catch and release only right now.

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The heat is gone, and the waters are finally dropping to great temps! All the Walleye Anglers should be happy with minnows being an option very very soon. Keep in mind you can still get out there with a crawler or crankbait and catch a descent amount of fish still.  Panfish are still hiding in the weeds for shade and cover, but a few guides reported crappies are starting to move into deeper water.  Muskies are still going strong with the weathers transition. This past weekend was the Frank Schneider Jr. Tournament, so they may need a few days to recuperate.

Justin Wethington - One Stop 218-363-2252


Our weather is starting to go cold, which is a great thing for our ice in the Longville area. Slush has been an issue since we got the last 10 inches of snow. The good thing is it was wet and not fluffy so the cold should be able to cut through it, it has also packed down quite a bit so there is still hope. Ice has been holding in the 6-10 inch range which is not nearly where we usually are but that's the way it goes. Crappies have made the journey to the deep water on the bigger lakes and are plentiful. Taking advantage of their aggressive behavior is key. Fast sinking baits are the ticket for suspended crappies tungsten jigs and heavy body baits for jigging are my go to. If you are shacking over them deadsticks when it is cold can catch you some fish as well and if they are actively moving around a basin and you have to wait your turn a deadstick can add quite a few fish to the bucket. Walleyes are moving to deeper water as well I would spend my time on smaller humps and park for the evening. Shiners, rainbows and fatheads are the minnows I bring with and when it comes to bait variety is key. 

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The warm weather has fish very active. It isn't great for those who want to drive trucks and big wheel houses out but it makes for a fun bite once you get there. Panfish are high in the water collumns and aggressive plastics and body baits are some of the most fun bites a person can have and now is the time to do it. Walleyes were in a bit of a funk earlier in the week but have straightened their attitudes out a little bit with the consistant weather. Shiners and rainbows have caught most of my walleyes, it seems like they will express interest in spoons but won't eat, then go to the deadstick and bite. 


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If you take a peak at the 10 day in Longville once we get passed tomorrow it is going to be gorgeous out for the rest of the week and weekend. With travel on the lakes improving with each day I would not miss this great oppurtunity to get out on the ice and fish! I really wanted to cover baits that I use on specific lakes and situations in this report. 

bluegills: If I am fishing deeper water bluegills I tend to use plastics more so than live bait. Doing so I have found that it increases the average size fish you catch without messing with little babie. I also am equiped with a light tipped rod with 3 lb flourocarbon with a straight line reel, and tungsten jigs to ensure when I get the light bite of a bluegill I catch it. When I am in shallow weeds I tend to use live bait more like wax worms and euro larvae, it seems like weed fish respond better to meat than they do a more natural presentation like a dragonfly larvae. If the bluegills are big and tend to eat more aggressive baits I am not affraid to put a chubby darter in there face and teach them a lesson.

Crappies: If I fish crappies after dark there is no way I will go without crappie minnows and wax worms, in my eyes it is a necessity. I have been beaten more times trying to finesse them with plastics by a bobber and a demon than I can count and enough is enough. Day time is more condusive to a finess plastic bite than minnows are. Fish are not as aggressive and won't move up and down in the water collumn nearly as much as and the life like movement of a nymph plastic is more than crappies can handle. When crappies are schooled up in big numbers in deep water like they are now the small body baits like the 13 magic man is  a killer bait, but remember when a fish rises u for it you can never go lower than the current lowest point on that fish, you will scare it and it will not cooperate. 

Walleyes: Walleyes I am all about minnows, but my minnow preferance changes situation to situation. If I am outside and hoppin' around I like using rainbow minnows especially for deadsticks or tip up rigs reason being, rainbows will live a lot longer and swim a lot harder than most other minnows, so you don't have to check on them as often. If I stay stationary I go with golden shiners, because it's much easier to keep your eyes on a weaker minnow when it is easily accessable. I almost always jig with a spoon with a half of a fathead minnow, I like to be aggressive with my jig strokes so using a shiner or rainbow doesn't seem to benefit to much. 

Perch: In my relm of perchin' in my skillset, there are deep perch (over 25 feet) and shallow perch (under 12). The deep perch are harder to locate but they tend to be more dense and it generally has to do with bloodworms. So to me as far as live bait goes, minnows are a non factor. Wax worms and euros work great in this situation, tungsten jigs are a must for that deep of water. I am much better at locating shallow perch, the most dificult part of shallow perchin is putting the effort into drilling enough holes to find them and stay on them. As far as bait goes I stick to the basics, I fish fathead minnows on some of the biggest spoons I have, Northland macho minnows and Kenkatch boss spoons are my go to. I like going big to try and keep little perch from biting, and big perch have no issues getting that into their yapper. 

Pike: I don't always use live bait for tip-up fishing pike. I like to split my tip-ups up 1/2 and 1/2 sucker minnows and fun dogs, the hot dogs don't always out fish minnows but sometimes it does. I do not put a tip up out unless it has a 2 hook quick strike rig on it. That is a nice tool because once the flag fly's up the you set the hook immediately, and your hooking percentage goes up substantially. 


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We ended up getting 5 inches or so of light fluffy snow, which is not exactly what we needed. The one positive is that we are not supposed to be above 0 for the next 24 hours or so. That makes me think it may heal most of the overflow issues, but then again I could be very wrong. Pikedale on Leech Lake is opening this weekend to the public and they are letting snowmobiles to the south end of Bear Island if you are interested in and walleye action, and the One Stop does have some great looking minnows for this weekends adventures. 


Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



Well... If you like riding in the ditch with your snowmobile you will be quite pleased with what happened last week. We got 10 inches or so of beautiful powder, that did not help our lakes very much, but there is hope. The lakes that were not froze over did so after the snow last night and this morning, meaning they are not safe to fish yet but they did not feel the affects that others did. 6 inches of ice and 10 inches of snow make for a soupy mess for now.. The good thing is, it's very early in our ice season and it should heal itself before to long. There is a lot of flooding on the ice and warmer temps for the week which should settle the snow so when it does decide to be true winter it should freeze hard and fast. I do plan to fish this weekend walking only of course, hope to see you out there. 


Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



In the Longvile area we have actually seen little to no ice formation in the last week or so. If you were thinking about fishing some of the mid sized lakes in the area here you may have to make a different plan. Wabedo and Little boy still have some open water. The smaller Longville lakes are froze up and have had foot traffic for the last few weeks and fishing has been pretty good. I fished yesterday and caught a pile of panfish and 3 bluegills over 10 inches (all released of course). I stood on 5-7 inches of ice and all I used were plastics.  


Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



A 4 below start to the day should really pack the ice on the already mostly frozen Longville area lakes. I checked a little lake close to town last night before this subzero and there was 4.5 inches where I checked, thats not to say that is going to be everywhere but it's a start. On the other hand Long Lake is still open wide and steaming like crazy. So if you're interested in trying to catch a fish on hard water, walking traffic only and be very careful and check, check, check. We have plenty of waxies and sucker minnows to get your season started. 


Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



I am sad to say it but this may be the last stretch of good weather we see until deer season.. 50's for the next 2 days. If you have not winterized your boats it would be of sound mind to get them on Woman or Leech this weekend. Walleye fishing remains great and the traffic is next to nothing. Rigging rainbows has been very productive on Woman, use a smaller octopus hook on them too a bigger hook will kill them and they won't catch them quite as well. I would still be jigging on leech they will be out in deeper water than they were a week or two ago, I would focus in more of the 6-12 ft range still targeting shoreline breaks. 


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Walleye fishing is unreal right now on Leech, but I don't think the bite will last another couple of weeks. Water temps on the main body was 50.5 but this mid week warm up will help matters for the short term. If you have the itch to fish a jig and a minnow or a jig and a plastic in 2-4 feet of water NOW is the time to do it. The little lakes are doing well too, Woman lake doesn't cool as fast as Leech so that bite out there will stay hot hopefully throughout the month of October. Minnows are the ticket for the most part if you do have  a sunny hot day crawlers can outfish minnows in some certain cases. Rigging sucker minnows for BIG walleyes has been super fun they are cheaper than the traditional big minnow and right now you don't need to waist your money. Hope to see you this weekend the bite should be on fire!!


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October is upon us water temps are still a little warm for this time of year but that only means in my opinion that the fall walleye bite will be good for longer. Walleyes on the smaller Longville lakes are starting to make a push shallow now they had been reluctant to do so for the last 2 weeks it seems, maybe because of the warm weather but who knows. I love the shallow jig and a minnow bite and it currently is on out on Leech and is starting to show some strong signs on these littles here. Look for whats left of green weeds and of course shallow rocks, when walleyes push really shallow it is really tough to see them with your electronics so it's worth just fishing these bars to see if they are in the short water. Fish it fast and keep moving, remember the goal is to catch active fish and as many as you can and not to monkey around trying to finess a couple bites when a big bite is just a cast away. 


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September is normally my favorite month to chase big bronzebacks in the Longville Lakes Area. However, this September has been an odd one to say the least, with water temperatures pushing into the mid to high 60's just a few days ago, which in turn has made the normal September smallmouth patterns rendered mute. Instead of having the fish pulling into bigger and bigger schools in 20-30ft of water near their wintering holes, fish have been scattered throughout the entire system. Two days ago we had fish come in the boat from 3ft to 30ft with a myriad of presentations triggering bites, with the bigger fish coming on swimbaits.  The cooling nights in the forecast should get fish back on their normal fall routines. The largemouth are also a bit confused, as there has not been a big weed die off as of yet, which in turn keeps the fish scattered throughout the deepweedlines of the local lakes. Again, with the looming spectre of cold weather i would expect to see the largemouth begin schooling on remaining green weeds, which in the Longville area is usually coontail, milfoil, and wild rice with lilly pads. It is tough to beat the combination of a big rubberskirted jig with trailer and a spinnerbait. Fall means trophy bass fishing time. Last year a over dozen smallmouth bass over 6 pounds came into the boat the first two weeks of October, with two giants over 7 being caught as well. I will be guiding until the lakes freeze. Give me a call or check out my Facebook page.


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Walleyes are doing some odd things right now with the water warming up 7 degrees this week. Woman Lake fish have pushed very deep yet remained very active dispite being in 25+ feet of water. Leech on the other hand walleyes seemed to have pushed shallow and are not super schooled up which is odd for this time of year. Rocks are the ticket out there finding wind swept rocks are the primary areas I've been targeting. Jigging bigger minnows like suckers are the ticket out there too little minnows don't seem to get me bit out there. Pick your days to fish don't go to Leech if the wind isn't rockin' fish on Woman Lake. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleyes are pushing shallow and putting some pounds on, nightcrawlers and leeches are still in the picture though, especially with 80's in the forecast they will play an important roll in the week to come. Minnows are still my big ticket item when it comes to overall production though, big minnows on a single hook lindy rig moving slow over schools of fish and letting that minnow swim has been productive and a ton of fun. Fish are really showing up on the shorelines but are still kind of hanging on the edge of the shallows until prime time and on super windy days (under 6ft). Bluegills and crappies are sitting on what little green weeds are left but when you find a school they tend to be jumbos. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The fall bite is on, water temps have been staying consistent in the 65 degree range which is the hot side of the best fishing we will see. That being said, walleyes are chompin' still getting most of my fish on nightcrawlers but when the wind blows its a jig and a minnow bite and tends to be shallow. Pay attention to the wind directions in your forecast and be sure to be on the windy side of the lake, I can not stress how important that is when it comes to these fall walleyes. Don't be afraid of trying super shallow like casting in from 5 ft a lot of times there are inside schools especially if they have been left alone for a long period of time. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


With nights beginning to cool the bass and muskie fishing in the longville lakes area will begin kicking into high gear, with fishing only getting better up until ice on. for smallies, the cooling water will start concentrating fish in larger schools, where as of right now the fish are scattered throughout the main lake basins. roller jigs, drop shots, and tubes dragged over rock saddles and humps are my preferred presentation. the largemouth are schooling on coontail points with hard bottoms. on lakes with a lot of muskie the largemouth will tend to stay shallower and can be found in rice beds and reed beds. drop shots and texas rigged soft plastics are a good one two punch. august marks the time that i pick up my muskie sticks. the fish are getting their feed bag on and moving up into the shallows. on leech i target three different patterns: rock, grass, and reeds. between those three patterns a guy should be able to move some fish. i like downsized double cow girls fished with tempo and glide baits. on the smaller lakes around longville the fish are setting up on the deep break lines on the end of grass points and inside turns. top waters and bucktails are a great one two punch for the small lake muskies. fishing is going to ramp up here in the coming weeks. i have openings in both september and october.

-Andrew's Guide Service 218-251-6894


August is the most under rated month for fishing, hands down, the humidity is down and so is the boat traffic. Catching a meal of fish for the family is fairly easy and the walleye bite really starts to get hot. I have been having a lot of fun the past two weeks or so casting a 1/8 or 3/16 ounce jig and a nightcrawler on some of the shallower humps on for walleyes. What's cool about it is the fact I am working it just like I would a spring time minnow and more importantly it's catching walleyes. The problem is selection of area and fish themselves because not every walleye is going to eat a jig and to that point not a lindy rig as well, so diversity is the key. Not just in the crawler presentation game either, you never know when that crawler bite turns into a leech bite or even a minnow bite at this point in the game. The beggings of the fall patterns are starting and it's a very good time of year to beggin dialing in the big minnow bite. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The weather is Hot and so is the fishing, panfish, bass, walleyes, and muskies are all active which is super surprising for this time of year. Walleyes are not in very big schools right now so covering water fast is important, driving around watching your graph is the most efficient way to actually find fish. Then I plot where I see the fish, get them in front of me and either I cast jigging raps on them or pull Leatherbacks over them. Both have been very successful and a great way to catch fish. Panfish are out of control right now, in shallow weeds just putsin along with little jigs and night crawlers and minnows. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


This week was a little tough on me, found fish but had a hard time getting them to go which surprised me because of the conditions. That's July though, easy to see hard to catch. Night crawlers and jiggin' raps are getting the majority of my bites. Mid lake humps, and big shorline points are what I am targeting currently in most lakes. The weeds are still producing fish for me though in under 12 feet of water, you will see a lot more action in there as well but they are not all walleyes. Crappies are biting like psychos on just about every lake in the area, 1/16th ounce jigs and minnows over the weed tops works great and it's really not hard to do.

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Had a good week this week, fished muskies once and lost a 4 footer and had 8 follows in an evening. Top water was working very well, the Wopper Plopper was what moved most of my fish and what they really liked was when the lure got close to the boat I would put my rod tip 2 feet or so under the water and the Plopper would submerge. That got a lot of fish to charge and get them into a more aggressive attitude. I had one of my best trips in a month yesterday on a little lake around here pulling crawlers on lindy rigs on the weed edge, and jig rappin out off of the edge. The bigger fish came on Jig raps but most of the keepers on rigs. Crappies are still going crazy with the gills out on the edges too. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484

7-18-19 Walleye fishing has been tough for me the last week, but I've still managed to get my clients on some biters. Night crawlers and leeches on plain single hook snells and working fish back and forth, sometimes they bite right away other times it take 6 passes. Driving around until you mark fish on the sonar is key, then doing very short passes on them is more efficient and seems to be a better option. I have been catching a few on Jiggin raps and Johnny darters its worth a try and it's generally instant gratifacation if it's going to work. Crappies are pretty easy to catch right now, small jigs in the weeds with a plastic or a minnow has been catching them pretty good. I went musky fishing for the first time yesterday this season, had 5 follows and a short biter most of the fish moved on Medussa's on the edge of the cabbage.

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The bass spawn is over and the summer patterns for both largemouth and smallmouth are setting in. With water temps spiking in mid-july bass of both species will have moved out of the shallows and into the main lake basin. Largemouth will filter in and out of the deep weedlines all summer chasing bluegills, crayfish, and spotted shiners. Most lakes in the Longville area have weedlines from anywhere from 10'-25' foot. I first target these fish by using my electronics to find inside turns, points, hard bottoms, and breaklines. after marking these areas I will go back through with texas rigged soft plastics, jig worms, and drop shots. The great thing about this pattern is that it will hold throughout the rest of summer and into fall. The slop frog bite is about to kick off in full force too, with early morning and late evening being the time for explosive top water action.  Smallmouth, on the other hand, are a fish that play their own tune. In most Longville area lakes the smallies have pulled out into the deep rock piles and sand flats and have scattered out into small wolfpacks. They have been tough to catch the past couple of weeks due to the water temp spike and the bumper crop of young perch on the Boy River chain. The other day I was fishing a go-to summer rock pile in 25' of water when my graph lit up like Christmas. I sent my drop-shot straight down and could feel the tungsten weight bouncing off the thousands of perch underneath my boat. My graph remained lit up over the course of the next two hours and countless traditional smallmouth summertime rock piles. Needless to say, with that much natural food at their disposal the feeding window for these fish is small at best. I have had my best luck in the mid-morning and early evening hours. Swimbaits, drop-shots, and football jigs are a good trio for hunting mid-summer smallies. By the end of July i would expect the bite to improve significantly. The great thing about bass fishing in the Longville lakes area is that their are always fish biting somewhere. If the smallies are being stubborn the largemouth are usually biting.

-Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894


Walleye or die trips have me riding the struggle bus, but the fish catching trips are phenomenal, great mixed bags coming from the weed edges with walleyes bluegills and crappies. Almost all of the area lakes have this bite going on right now and the action is seemingly non stop, the trick is to just be happy with catching fish. Night crawlers and plastic minnow baits are working great, and the edge is much better than the inside. On busy lake days like a typical saturday in July look for more of your tucked in weed beds and not so much on points, if it does happen to be quiet out there use that to your advantage, and hit those prime spots before pleasure boaters and tubers drive over them. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleye fishing conitues to be very good, Woman, Big Boy, Wabedo, and Leech are home to both healthy and aggressive walleyes. This past week esspecially I have found fish either in 8 feet in the cabbage or out in 18-20 feet on shallow humps with deep breaklines. Minnows are still my go to for those weedy fish but it seems like once I get deeper than 14 feet you can't even get a fish to sniff a minnow. Leeches and crawlers on a simple snell are catching me bunches of walleyes in the deep water. Walleyes are marking really well so make sure that you are fishing on fish, if you don't see fish drive from spot to spot until you find fish seperated from the bottom. Crappies are hard to come by but in a few days when it really warms up they should move out to the weed line. Mr. twisters with a 16th ounce vmc jig will do the trick for both gills and crappies.

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The spawn for both and largemouth and smallmouth is at the tail end, bringing a couple weeks of some of the most explosive action of the year. For smallmouth, post-spawn means fish slowly transitioning from the shallow rock flats to adjacent rock and gravel humps, where they tend to school in large numbers. These schools are active and hungry after the stress of the spawn and action can be fast and furious. This time of year offers up some of the best topwater fishing of the year for the bronzebacks. I like Rapala skitter pops and Zara Spooks worked over rock humps in the 8-14 foot range. Tube and hair jigs are a good fall back if the topwater bite is not firing off. All the aformentioned baits can be found at OneStop. For largemouth, look for the remaining bluegill beds to find some of the best big fish action of the year. I like a buzzbait and swimjig this time of year for locating sunfish eating bass. Do not overlook boat docks this time of year either, as large schools of post-spawn greens can congregate under just one boat dock. I like 3/8 jigs and 5" stick worms for skipping under said docks. As the water warms and the deep weed growth establishes itself the bluegill migrate out to their summer haunts. It is important to follow this migration, as the largemouth are soon to follow. With the late Spring I would predict this phenomenon to happen within the next week. These next two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July weekend will offer up some the best fishing of year, as fish are recovering from the spawn and the weedgrowth in the lakes are diminished enough to expose all the young of the year fry which fish rely on. I'll be on the water throughout the next few weeks and have a hand full of openings on the calender.

-Contact me at 218-251-6894 or find Andrew's Guide Service on Facebook.


Still getting walleyes on jig and a minnow, shallow water and weed edges and I do believe it will be like this through this weekend and early next week. In the deeper water leeches are getting some walleyes too but you have to locate them out there first. Walleyes are most certainly out there but the schools are small and scattered, so it's almost like you piece together a day from spot to spot to spot. Shorelines are still producing a bunch of fish too though and that's where I have been spending the majority of my time, wind blown points and primary breaklines with rock or weeds have been very good. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Walleyes are spread out and active right now, we are not seeing the giant schools we did 10 days ago which is good and bad. being spread out means there are oppertunities to get at fish in many locations, but the likelihood of getting 50 is slim. Be prepaired out there this weekend, it will be warm and windy which means to me minnows in the mornings and leeches/ crawlers in the evening. Walleyes will be shallow for those who like the shoreline bites, but they also will stack up on the off shore humps they are arriving already. Fishing is good and will continue to be for the next few weeks, I am filling up very quick so call if you are interested in a walleye trip. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



The first two weeks of bass fishing in the Longville Lakes Area found the smallmouth bite to be subject to the ever changing spring weather. On days with wind and warmth the bite was absolutly on fire, with a myriad of jerkbait sizes and colors producing days with multiple fish over the vaunted six pound mark.  On days that the wind layed down fishing turned into a grind, with fish being caught predominatly on ned rigs and hair jigs. With the nights finally warming up and the main water temps hitting that magical 55 degree mark,  the smaller lakes in the Longville area have fish going to their spawing beds in mass. The trophy females are the first up and the first off the aformentioned bed, and get lock jaw while recovering from the taxing spawn. For the next two weeks the smallmouth bite will be tough, unless one was to sight fish bedding fish. I do not recommend this type of fishing, as studies have conclusivley shown the reproductive value of bedding smallmouth goes down expotenially when a fish is caught off of a bed. In fact, the reproductive value of a smallmouth goes down to zero if that fish is placed in a livewell for pictures or a tournament weigh in. Colder lakes like Ten Mile and Leech will still have plenty of prespawn fish to catch. On the other hand, the largemouth bass bite is just getting cranked up. Once I see crappies and bluegills flood the shallow lillypad fields and rice beds I know the largemouth will be soon to follow. Leech remains one of the most productive largemouth fisheries in the entire midwest despite increased fishing and tournament pressure. Sucker Bay and Boy Bay are my two favorite areas during the prespawn/spawn period. Swim jigs, stick worms, and buzz baits are top producers this time of year. Things move fast once air temperatures consistantly hit the 70's, so expect the fishing patterns to change radically in the next few weeks. Good luck this Memorial Day weekend!

-Check out my Facebook page for booking information or call me at 218-251-6894

Andrew's Guide Service


It's a great time to be out on Leech and the surrounding area lakes. Walleyes are poppin' out on Leech and the smaller lakes are producing a few walleyes and crappies are HOT. Water temps this past week have been all over the board, on Leech in up in Portage bay Thursday I had 56.5 deg. water temp and yesterday in the same spot I had 49.7. In my eyes that is a good thing, it will keep the good bite going for longer. They also went BONKERS when the weather rolled in Saturday, walleyes moved very shallow most of my fish came in 3-4 feet in the wind blown sand. Big perch are biting out there too which is very nice to see. Jigs and minnows when the wind is blowing is the best presentation that I have found, caught some fish also on a jig and a kietech easy shiner. I would recomend though that if you do go out there play the conditions, if it is calm and sunny for sure try a jig and a minnow but if it is a day like today hot sunny and calm, bring leeches with too and try riggning those, sometimes walleyes need a little coaxing. The little lakes around Longville are still a little spotty I would for sure be there for sunset and avoid mid day out there. I would fish the shallows with a jig and a minnow right at dark regardless of conditions. Look for shoreline firm bottoms under 10 feet and be there at sunset and you should be able to get some walleyes to bite. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


The opener is now in the rear view and we've got walleyes on the mind at the One Stop! Fishing around the Longville area varied depending on the body of water, but reports were mostly good from Leech Lake. Fish were being found in their usual spring haunts in 4-10 feet of water. Finding warm, shallow sand was key to finding good numbers. A jig and minnow was the best approach, and with good wind both days most people were able to drift fish. Pitching a Northland gumball or fireball jig tipped with a larger minnow also worked. If you're out this week look to find improving fishing in shallow water on most area lakes. Try fishing a Keitech Easy Shiner on a 1/4 or 3/16 oz jig. Casting shallow flats or breaks and straight retrieving worked best this past weekend. The good thing about fishing plastics is you're able to cover a lot of water and you don't have to worry about burning through those spottails! I've got a few openings near the end of May for anyone interested.

-Check out or call 507-340-8860 to booke a trip. Good luck out there!

Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan Guide Service



The Minnesota fishing opener looms upon us, and for those of us whom survived this past Minnesota winter it cannot come soon enough. The cool spring we have been having has kept water temperatures low, meaning the pre spawn bass bite will be awesome. There are many variables involved when chasing bass this time of year, but no single variable is more important than finding the warmest water on whatever body of water you are fishing. Bass are like us, in the fact that they just suffered through a bitterly cold winter and want some damn sun on their backs this spring. When it comes to chasing smallmouth in the Longville Lakes Area, I recommend focusing on rock and sand flats along shoreline areas. Main lake reefs and flats that stand alone away from the shore will have cooler water, and thus will not be condusive for finding fish until the water warms past 55 degrees. Action baits are key, with swimbaits, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits being a good trio to start with. When looking for largemouth bass, I recommend starting in the mouths of feeder creeks and rivers that have wild rice and/or lilly pad fields. Again, the bass want to be warm so keep on eye on your depth finders temperature gauge as you move about any given lake. It is tough to beat a chatterbait or a swim jig this time of year, as the bass are hungry and are dialed in on chasing the crappies and sunfish that are flooding the shallow bays to spawn. This bass opener looks to be the best we have had in the past five years, as these cooler temps will keep the fish concentrated in those areas with the warmer water. Once the main lake areas hit water temps at around 55 degrees the fish will scatter, and thus be harder to locate. I will be on the water from fishing opener until the lakes freeze next November, and inbetween i will be chasing the Longville Lakes bass and muskie with fervor. Keep checking in with TeamOneStop for updated fishing reports and tips throughout the year. Check out Andrew's Guide Service Facebook page for booking information. Good luck this weekend. I'll see you on the water.

-Andrew's Guide Service- 218-251-6894


The water is slowly rising it temperature around the northland, crappies are entering the shallow bays but they are not totally commiting to the shallow waters. If the beaver huts and shallow points are not working slip out in to 6-8 feet and put your slip bobber about 2-3 feet down and just let it sit there, if nothing happens pull the bobber about 4 feet closer and repeat the process. Things are looking positive for bait and for fishing walleyes this weekend. Stablish weather and a gradual warming trend will get fish to bite at least  at prime time, it may be to cool for the all day bite window only time will tell. I would focus most of my attention on shallow water and keeping boat seperation from your presentation 2 very over looked patterns for early season walleyes. If you are looking for tips or trips give me a call  

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



Ice is OUT on the majoraty of the area lakes in Longville. The only one to my knowledge that still has a good amount of ice is leech, but even that is fading quickly and should be out this week. That being said, the spring crappie bite has started! The harbors and shallow bays are already seeing crappies and bass in them and if you don't like the traffic of them there is a phenomenal bite on the breaklines just outside of them right at dark in the evenings. A simple bobber rig is very effective for these and slow even no movement is the best way I have found to get them to trigger. On the breaklines the strike zone tends to be about 5-7 feet down in 12-16 feet of water. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



Ice remains pretty strong in Longville, shorelines are still in tact but it wont take long for it to start rotting with the rain in the forecast. I do believe this is going to be the last good weekend of ice fishing for the season. If you are itching to get out one last time this is your chance. We still have waxies fatheads and our ice lures still in stock. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



We are still ice fishing in Longville, there is still a load of ice and the shorelines are near perfect. 4 wheelers and tracked side by sides are the most efficent form of transportation on the lakes but a few trucks are getting out there and making it fine. No ice is safe ice and there are still some areas of concern where the slush never solidified so there is drainage and soft ice in that area. There was a lot of traffic this past weekend and there was some success, the people fishing shallow had to sort for there keepers but they had better luck than the people who fished deep. Look to go to Woman, Inguidona, Boy, or  Leech for your best chance at getting on a good bite. Big spoons for perch so you do less sorting and plastics and crappie minnows for your bluegills and crappies. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



Sorry it has been a while... This week was the first time I have ventured on the ice in over a month due to the snow and slush. The conditions have impoved drastically after the inch of rain we got last week, it now has froze and travel on the ice is a dream. There are issues at accesses though, esspecially if it has not been plowed all winter, the snow is still deep on the shorelines and that is where you are going to hit slush. Fishing has been okay I always have a tough time this time of year, it's kind of a transition for the crappies from the deep water to the last of the green weeds, and we are not truely into spring time as of yet but we are only days away from that. Good luck and enjoy the beautiful conditions. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



The lakes are a big mess currently with all of the snow and slush, tracked vehicles are the only way to travel. That being said gills and crappies are biting I have been focusing on the deep water, the biggest issue with that is it is hard to drill enough holes for the earlier bite windows so you almost have to just sit tight and wait for them to come to you which is not my style at all. The perch bite has actually been pretty good to but you have to do a lot of sorting through a lot of little ones to get your keepers, I have been focusing shallow for them and using big lures, like the biggest macho minnows are great for them and using that very aggressivly. This is the last weekend of walleye season and those have critters have been pretty elusive for me this year, I will be fishing them this weekend and I will end up trying pretty deep I am thinking. Get on a hump that is slow rising that comes from deep water and hope for the best. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



Over the weekend we had a warm up and it was very welcome and treated me well on the ice. Caught a lot of crappies, and sunnies, a few perch and some walleyes. I fished 7 lakes in 2 days spending all day on the ice, I spent the majority of my time in shallow water. The sunfish were the pickiest out of the group, small plastics and tungsten worked when I found schools but the individuals I still don't have a clue how to convince them to bite. Crappies were angry at the world, I think you could have caught them on anything, I used a big tungsten to get down there and a big plastic to try and get the bigger fish to come up and eat, and it worked. The mornings have been much better for me than evenings for walleyes and perch, shallow water and actually later in the morning at like 9 am has been my hottest time, more than likely due to the snow. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



This weather is plain disrespectful, we are supposed to encounter -65 wind chills the next two days which means for me I don't go fishing. There is a bright side to this brutal cold snap, it will solidify our slush issues, and after thursday looking at the weekend the weather is going to be beautiful highs of 30 ABOVE and no 20 below! I will be spending all of my time this weekend on the lakes, I am going to try different species everyday, saturday will be burbot and walleyes on leech, I look for steep edges that go into deep water. Remember steep and deep are relative terms, if the lake is only 35 feet deep and bowlish the fish are going to hug the steepest largest breakline they can find. Sunday will be a gill and crappie day, I will drill up the deep basins until I find a school stacked up and try and put the hurt on them. I like doing this on small lakes that don't get much pressure, they tend to have a better average size and they bite way better. Monday we will be looking for big pike, I like fishing these on big deep clear lakes that have low population densities. The fishing is slower but the fish are bigger and you have a higher chance of getting that trophie caliber pike. Quick strike rigs are a must, for use with suckers and fun dogs, your hookup percentages greatly increase and as a result you won't have so many deep hooks on the fish. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484


Well, we had a little bit of a shocker come through our neck of the woods up here... 10 inches of fluffy fluffy snow. before the snow travel was not so bad, as long as the slush had been froze down, but now with this added weight we will have to see as far as truck travel. This stuff is so light though it will pack down to nothing once we get some warm weather and sunshine so if your a rider you better get out and pound some trail. I fished Thursday-Sunday and it was the best fishing I had all season to this point. Crappies were suspended over deep water but not the most eager to bite, we caught a couple on waxies, a couple on minnows, and like 50 more on plastics. Pink and white tungsten and a pink Powerbait swordtail was the ticket. The reason I switched to a plastic was they didnt want to rise and you could not drop those other baits down too them. Walleye fishing was decent the numbers of fish that bit were good but the catch rate was not so impressive. We landed 6 but that number should have been double, light biters that didn't get hooked up. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



The deep freeze is coming but fishing has been plenty good for me to want to endure it. It has been pretty fun, I took full advantage of the nice weather yesterday though scouting around for easy accessable areas that had fish on them. I had never fished the 4 lakes I went to ice fishing and I will be honest I went 1-4 but the 1 was a HOME RUN big gills and nice crappies, it was a lot of fun but it took some effort to say the least. I took the snowmachine because of the unknown but I think I would have done fine with my truck on all of the lakes but one. I would advise that you travel in pairs of trucks that way if one does get stuck you can tug the other out. The gills and crappies we found were in 18 feet of water, not saying at all that is the magic number out there but it was the cats pajamas for us on that particular body of water. I will be out all weekend fishing panfish and walleyes so if you need any guidence just give me a call 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484



After the 15 inches of snow that had dumped on the Longville area about 10 days ago there has been a surplus of slush on the area lakes. The conditions are imporving with the more traffic on any allowing the water to flood the snow making it easier for it to freeze down. Most lakes are looking anywhere from 12-18 inches of ice but there was a rumor that a truck with a fishhouse went down on Wabedo so be careful. Crappies and gills are biting on the area lakes but bite windows have been rather strange relating to cloud cover more than anything. Walleye fishing is spotty either they all bite or it is dead out there, the most successfull people are staying all night but even that is hit or miss. 

-Wil Neururer's North Leech Lake Guide Service 218-232-0484

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