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Longville Area Lakes Bass League


The One Stop is proud to introduce a new semi-competitive 7 week long fishing league.

There are 10 slots, first come first serve. The cost is $140.00 per boat, 2 fishers per boat. Each week we will fish a different random lake with the drawing at The One Stop at 5:00 pm. From there we will go to the lake and fishing will begin as soon as the last team has launched and in the ready position. You are required to be back at the access by the time specified on the chart below. Fishing day is Tuesday unless the weather is bad, then it will be pushed to Thursday with the same times. The first night of league is Tuesday the 13th of July.


The lakes will only be drawn once per season.


The lakes available include:

  • Little Boy

  • Wabedo

  • Women Lake chain

  • Big Boy

  • Inguadona

  • Blackwater

  • Mule

  • Long


Fish will be scored in pounds. To try and encourage sound conservation and the option of catch and release, fish will be weighed on a scale provided that night. A photo will be taken of the fish properly weighed on the scale with that nights symbol. If it is not done properly, the fish will be disqualified. The boats top 5 Bass will be scored, with a minimum weight of 1 pound. If you are late coming back to the access, every minute will be a point off your score. The winner of that night will win a $50.00 cenex card.



For the night:

1st place = 10 points

2nd place = 9 points

3rd place = 8 points

4th place = 7 points

5th place = 6 points

6th place = 5 points

7th place = 4 points

8th place = 3 points

9th place = 2 points

10th place = 1 point


Showing up/Fishing = 1 point


If you don’t get a scoreable Bass, you will not get a point.


You can also receive additional points if your 5 fish equate to:

  • Over 10 lbs, 1 point

  • Over 12 lbs, 2 points

  • Over 14 lbs, 5 points

Tie Breakers:

For the night, biggest fish 

For the season, total pounds


End Of League

Your top 5 placements will determine your end of the season result.




3rd = $150.00                                         Biggest Bass = $50.00

2nd = $250.00                                        Biggest single night catch = $50.00

1st = $500.00                                         Biggest fish caught (any species) = $50.00



     WEEK OF                                  END TIME

July 13th                                         8:44

July 20th                                        8:39

July 27th                                        8:31

August 3rd                                     8:23

August 10th                                   8:13

August 17th                                    8:02

August 24th                                    7:50

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